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“The best way to predict the FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT” – Abraham Lincoln

“The future belongs to those who believe in the BEAUTY OF THEIR DREAMS” – Eleanor Roosevelt


How do you see your Future?


Is it beautiful Homes?

Is it luxury Cars?

Is it to have Financial and Time Freedom?

Is it to pay off your Debt?

Is it to Travel and see the World?

DREAMS are very important to Us and gives us motivation and something to pursue.

Dreams inspire Us

Dreams give us reason to be alive


What is your Plan?

Because having Dreams without any clear plan to acheive them is a DAY DREAMING and WISHFUL THINKING

So, let’s discuss some of the PLANS that people have to get their DREAMS

1. To GET A JOB in a stable company and work for the next 40 years. The FACT is, when you work for someone else, you have a very SLIM CHANCE to be FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT and very little control over your future. You are always at the mercy of your Boss and you are subject to WAGE FREEZE and have the possibility of been in a stable position for years.
If your DREAMS are really big, Employment or owning a Job is not a very good plan.

2. How about STARTING A BUSINESS or BUY A FRANCHISE. If you can raise the large capital to start big Business, this is a good plan for you to achieve your dreams but this comes with a lot of CHALLENGES and HEADACHE such as payment of overhead expenses such as
*Salaries, *Rent, *Utilities and possibilities of UNPREDICTABLE SITUATIONS such as *Calamities, *Human factors e.g Employees not showing up for work.

3. Some people think WINNING THE LOTTERY to acheive their Dreams, this could be possible but the chance is very SLIM. Because statistics show MORE LIKELY TO BE HIT BY LIGHTNING TWICE THAN TO HIT THE JACKPOT. Winning lottery is not a very sound method if you want to acheive your Dreams.

4. How about looking for INVESTMENT, but you must have money upfront and that is the challenge you have in the first place.

5. Some people plan to become CELEBRITY to get their Dreams, this is really bring some Fortune and Fame but consider all the challenges and shifting process like *Registration, *Auditions, *Training, *Casting that you will face even if you have the Talents or Skills. This plan is not simply realistic to the great majorities of people.

Now, there is another PLAN that I will like you to consider to acheive your Dreams, a PROVEN, TESTED and EFFECTIVE plan without the same challenges as those we discussed above, ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL (AIM GLOBAL) PLAN

With this plan, you don’t need any large investment, business or sales experience, or own B.sc or MBA, you are your own boss and you will decide when you work and determine your income, the harder you work the bigger is your Income. Therefore, you Future is in your HANDS.

There is no risk in ALLIANCE IN MOTION PLAN, because you can start without leaving your Job. In our plan, you will have the Opportunity to earn in different Countries while you staying in your Hometown.

Our plan have THREE (3) COMPENSATION PLAN to earn from SEVEN (7) INCOME SOURCES.


It allowing you to enjoy stress free lifestyle as you enjoy FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM. There is no selling of any stuffs.

So, why would you consider Our plan?


Let me introduce Our Company ALLIANCE IN MOTION Global was incorporated in March, 2006 Quezon City Philippines, it is established itself to over 100 branches in Philippine and expanding to different countries such as Dubai, Taiwan, Hawaii, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kuwait, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Togo etc… And continue expanding globally.

It has Distinction and Recognition Awards for its Excellent growth, with Distinction Marketing Strategies, its Exemplary Leadership and Excellent products lines.


AIM Global has created more than 10,000+ Self- Made Millionaire and turning the life of ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires.

It was founded by three young dynamics successful Network Marketing distributors.

Here is How you can make money in AIM GLOBAL



Get paid again and again as your team members succeed in the business. Your job in this business is very simple –Tell your friends about it with or share this link and save your self stress, time, energy and money. This is what makes our business different, we talk less and share more.

Now here is how the business works. For any person you personally refer to this business, you will earn #3,000 as the referral bonus.

*MATCHING BONUS* – The Most Interesting Part Of This Business

The first 2 people that join your Alliance In Motion Global network will be placed on your *RIGHT* and *LEFT* respectively, while others that subsequently join your network are placed under them using binary system; that is, every new member will have 2 people under them and your network and earnings continue to grow automatically through the same binary system.

Note: Your 2 direct downlines could come either through you or as a spill over from one of your uplines who is referring in excess of 2; creating a guaranteed earning for you and every member even if you are unable to refer 2 people on time. In other word, you can quickly get your first 2 downlines without referring them yourself, through a spill over from your upline(s)

Starting from the first 2 people that join you through any means, whenever there is a new member on your RIGHT and another new member on your LEFT, AIM Global system will pair them and you will be earning #4,800 for every available pairs.

It doesn’t matter if you or any member is unable to refer people on time or someone refers more than 2; you will be earning the matching bonus each time there is a new member on your both side irrespective of how they come – direct referral, referred by your initial downlines, or as a spill over from your upline(s).


Question: How much does it cost to start this business?

Answer: With as little as #38,000 you can start this business and generate residual income for yourself and your family.

Question: Are you sure there is no hidden quota in your compensation plan aside from the ones explained?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Someone said you do not have Autoship, is that true?

Answer: Yes we do not have compulsory autoship. Our compensation plan is the best in the world because it puts the distributor in the driving seat of his/her business – you decide what you want and how you want it done.

Question: What is the contents or details for the starter package?

Answer: Many at times people do ask what they’ll be getting for paying #38,000 to join our business. They want to know what are the contents in the Alliance In Motion Global Starter package and how much they cost. In answering this, we have put up an article that best do justice to that. The article explains each and every registration packages that we have at Alliance In Motion and how many products that accompany each one of them.


Question: How do you move products when there is no “compulsory autoship” on monthly basis?

Answer: This is where every other companies get it confused because AIM Global compensation plan makes it easier for anybody, even a commoner, to become an extraordinary millionaire in a short time just by studying the plan and maximizing it. Because we have an excellent product line coupled with a rewarding and powerful compensation plan, and to end it with an amazing DAILY PAYOUT policy, it becomes very much easier for our partners to get people interested in their business because of the track record.

Question: What is required of me to earn in the Alliance In Motion Global compensation plan?

Answer: You need just two (2) people to start smiling to the bank in our company. You need one person at the right and the other on the left. As soon as you have these people, you are on your way to the top.

Question: Can I open account in my kids name?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Can I have multiple accounts?

Answer: Yes. An individual can have up to 15 accounts with their names under the AIM Global compensation plan condition. However, this does not guarantee automatic success in the business. Success is guaranteed when you input the required efforts into your business.

Question: Will I be able to travel abroad with my family when I achieved the US and Philippine trips?

Answer: No. AIM Global will be responsible for your entry Visa and every other expenses alone.

Question: Can I administer your products to Children

Answer: Yes, The Alkaline coffee which happens to be the first ever alkaline coffee in the whole world contains a blend of Complete Phyto Energizer to help supply enough nutrients to your children.

Question: How do you pay commission and bonuses to partners or how do I withdraw my earnings?

Answer: We operate a 100% no-delay, no hold bar policy on paying our members all over the world, and this is why we are the only network marketing company in Africa that is paying on a daily basis.

Question: I heard AIM Global is in over 20+ countries of the world, will I be able to do my business in these countries without having to register again?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What is the implication of having single accounts?

Answer: It is quite simple, when you have single accounts, your earning potentials are limited to that one accounts. But when you have multiple directly placed under you #1 account, you’ll be earning from all the other multiple sources whenever there are registrations under your network.



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